What is Chiropractic?

What is Chiropractic?

What is this mysterious thing we call chiropractic?  It is wonderful because it releases your body’s own innate ability to heal itself and stay healthy.  It is effective.  It is safe.  It is easy to understand:

Let me use a simple analogy to explain…

If I were to cut the wire that goes to my TV what would happen?  The TV would not work, of course.  The reason is the power cord delivers the energy or “life” to the TV.  And if the wire is cut then all the functions of the TV will die.  Your body also has wires too … they are called nerves.  Nerves work just like electrical wires.

Nerves carry electrical messages to and from your brain.  God forbid if a nerve gets cut in your body, then that part of your body (which the nerve innervates) will functionally die.  For example, if nerves from your neck that go to your arm are cut, your arm will become paralyzed and never work again.  For example, you cut a nerve to your lungs, you will immediately stop breathing.  You get the idea?

If you understand that, now you are ready to understand how chiropractics works…

Now ask yourself what your nerve isn’t cut but it gets pinched or irritated?  I bet you know that answer.  The answer is… where ever the pinched nerve travels, that part of your body will not function properly.  For example if a nerve is pinched in your neck you will get neck pain, headaches, and sinus infections too.  If you have a pinched nerve in-between your shoulder blades you will probably feel back pain and have issues with your heart and lungs.  If you have a nerve that is pinched in your lower back it will cause low back pain and probably sciatica and digestive problems also.

What happens if a gentle chiropractic adjustment removes the irritation and pinching from your nerves?  You got it!  You body will naturally heal.  Not only will your pain be reduced, but where ever that nerve travels, that part of your body will function better and become healthier.

Now consider this … there are nerves going to every part of your body.  That means no matter where your pain or health problem is, you have nerves going there.  This means that if you have undetected nerve damage somewhere in your body, chiropractic will likely reduce your back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, etc… as well as restore any health you have lost.  Get excited.  How amazing will chiropractic influence you and your family?  Let’s find out.  Discover the benefits of family chiropractic care with Dr. Craig Mix, chiropractor.

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