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  • Holly M. AvatarHolly M.

    5 star rating
    I have been going to Discover Chiropractic for over a year for issues with my low back and neck. I have nothing but good things to say. They get me in quickly and I always feel 10x better when I leave. They really personalize my adjustments to meet my needs! Both Dr. Mix and Dr. Pete are excellent! - 6/28/2021 

    Krista Taylor Wendle AvatarKrista Taylor Wendle

    The best Chiroprator in 3 states! I went through 15 chiropractors before finding the best. Dr. Mix and Dr. Riddle are the best. You can’t walk out of the office without feeling the contagious joy the entire office shares.
    They are not only great Chiropractors, they are wonderful people! - 6/24/2021 

    Krista W. AvatarKrista W.

    5 star rating
    The best Chiroprator in 3 states! I went through 15 chiropractors before finding the best. Dr. Mix and Dr. Riddle are the best. You can't walk out of the office without feeling the contagious joy the entire office shares.
    They are not only great Chiropractors, they are wonderful people! - 6/24/2021 

    Vicky Boackle AvatarVicky Boackle

    Dr.Mix is a jewel in the crown of Trussville . You will definitely feel better both mentally and physically after an adjustment.Dr.Mix and his staff really care that you feel your best . We all have aches,pains or injuries that Discover Chiropractic can make more tolerable. I trust that they have my best interests at heart. - 4/11/2021 

    JP G. AvatarJP G.

    5 star rating
    I looooove this place!! Everyone here is super friendly, and After my first ever adjustment, I was totally sold. This is quite possibly my new favorite place ever. There's even a free massage chair downstairs for patients to use. I'm very excited for my next appointment and look forward to continuing to feel as great as I have been after my first adjustment. This place has been genuinely life changing for me. - 3/19/2021 

    Val Jones AvatarVal Jones

    LOVE the team at Discover Chiropractic, so kind and caring! I had severe nerve pain and after 1 month of treatment it is almost non existant. I am so thankful for better health and no more pain. - 2/19/2021 

    Kristen McArthur AvatarKristen McArthur

    I really appreciate this place and the staff here! Everyone is fantastic; friendly, kind, and the chiropractors are both knowledgeable. I especially appreciate their optimism after seeing an orthopedic doctor who told me there wasn’t really anything I could do besides take medication for pain management. I’m so glad I found Discover Chiropractic! My pain is becoming less and less and I am feeling more energetic. Highly recommend! - 2/18/2021 

    Q. P AvatarQ. P

    I want to thank Dr.Mix and his amazing staff at Discover Chiropractor in Trussville. They make you feel like family when ever you call or visit for an appointment. They are VERY flexible and understood my hectic work schedule and always made time for me to be sure I received the proper treatment! I'm 6'3 290lbs and work with up to 8k pounds per day so, my body takes a pretty good beating day in and day out. I started going to Dr.Mix in March 2020 and we discussed a treatment plan that he created and we stuck to it and I haven't felt this great in years! No pain or any stiffness, I used to suffer from inflammation! Dr.Mix have fixed my issues so I no longer need treatment, but you better believe at the slightest sign of discomfort I am going to see him and that amazing staff the first chance I get! Thank you all for helping me get back to better health!!! Sincerely "Superman"!!! - 1/23/2021 

    Daisy Simpson AvatarDaisy Simpson

    Dr. Craig Mix is SOOOOO good, with an awesome table side manner. Such a very great group of staff and they recognized me from day
    2 - on .... always greet me with a smile, my name, check on me no talk to me for whatever I need.

    Best and kindest staff I have seen in a very long time, if ever! ❤️

    Dr. Mix KNOWS what he is doing and also, if you have a million questions about why this happens or where that happens, Dr. Mix always explains it (in layman’s terms!!!)

    They are an EXCELLENT Chiropractic Office. I strongly recommend them! 😊❤️😊 - 12/30/2020 

    Donna Gilliland AvatarDonna Gilliland

    How thankful I am to have found Dr. Mix and his team!

    On August 13, I sustained a head concussion which disrupted my Autonomic Nervous System, which resulted in serious issues. MRIs showed that there was no brain damage but yet, I continued to be sick. I could not perform cognitive tasks, head pressure was intense, blood pressures became unstable.

    I felt strongly that there was a missing piece to this medical puzzle. I kept researching, which led me to find that my C1 could be the issue. Friends encouraged me to seek the help of a Chiropractor. I had never been to a Chiropractor and I was hesitant. A neighbor referred me to Dr. Craig Mix and how glad I am that I listened.

    The first step of my visit was a pre-assessment health consult to determine my issues. The consult was very thorough. The next step were x-rays, which revealed that I have a mis-aligned C1.

    Dr. Mix created a care plan of action. I am finally on a path of healing and I look forward to getting my life back to 100% where I can teach again and do all the things I could do before this life altering head injury.

    Dr. Pete Riddle is also part of my care team - he is very good. The entire team is a pleasure. It’s like you are being cared for by family. - 11/26/2020 

    Jondavid Franklin AvatarJondavid Franklin

    Dr. Mix & his staff are amazing. I was in a terrible car accident in November 2019 and I went to Discover chiropractic with neck and back injuries and they were able through a process of examinations, adjustments, and a treatment plan to help Restore me to good health. Discover Chiropractic is like family now and I wouldn’t recommend or trust anybody else except Dr. Mix and his staff. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - 11/01/2020 

    Candace Harbison AvatarCandace Harbison

    Dr. Mix and his staff are like none other. They truly care about their patients and treat us like family. I've used Discover Chiropractor for nearly 10 years and have felt better and better after each visit. Highly recommend! - 10/16/2020 

    Tea Jay AvatarTea Jay

    Looks and feels like home. The staff are warm and welcoming and able to put you at ease. They are knowledgeable and skilled in their trade. They offer several therapies in addition to proper chiropractic adjustments. They listen and recommend but do not push services or make you feel pressured.....and they love football...even the Canadian, eh 😉 - 9/26/2020 

    Susan Harper AvatarSusan Harper

    I’ve been using Discover Chiropractic for 2 years and am very pleased. Dr. Mix is caring, knowledgeable, and thorough. His staff is the absolute best! I highly recommend Dr Mix and Discover Chiropractic. - 9/22/2020 

    Amy Crowe AvatarAmy Crowe

    We are very impressed with Discover Chiropractic! The entire staff is very friendly and helpful with any questions we have had and greets us by name each time we come in. My daughter had hip issues and has had X-rays, MRI’s, doctor visits and multiple physical therapy sessions and her hip still bothered her. After coming to Discover Chiropractic, the adjustments have helped her tremendously. We are thankful we tried Discover Chiropractic! - 9/22/2020 

    Tommy Campbell AvatarTommy Campbell

    I have been coming to Dr. Mix off and on for a couple of years he has been able to keep me going and avoiding surgery. His office is very professional and kind. I would highly recommend their services. - 9/22/2020 

    Lindsay Robertson AvatarLindsay Robertson

    Staff is very friendly, they have flexible hours so it’s easy to get an appointment that works with your schedule. The Dr’s are wonderful and have been so helpful throughout my treatment. I would highly recommend Discover Chiropractic. - 9/22/2020 

    Josh Hilgers AvatarJosh Hilgers

    Best chiropractic experience I have ever had. Dr Mix and his staff are extremely kind and accommodating. My health has improved dramatically in the year I have been coming and my handicap has lowered 5 strokes! - 9/18/2020 

    Caroline Coffman AvatarCaroline Coffman

    My experience at Discover Chiropractic has been wonderful. The staff is friendly and make you feel right at home. Everything was explained to me thoroughly. I definitely recommend this Chiropractor! - 9/18/2020 

    J Kelley AvatarJ Kelley

    I have been going to Dr. Mix for about two plus years. He is always super positive and full of energy, which makes me feel better even before he works on me. His staff is very professional and nice as well. I feel like I am part of a family that genuinely cares about my health. I rare have any daily pain anymore and I mostly go in now for maintenance and the occasional "I pulled / twisted something while working out." I highly recommend this business for helping you achieve less pain and better health! - 9/18/2020 

    Erin Ellis AvatarErin Ellis

    Great experience - so nice and helpful! - 9/17/2020 

    Rojo Price AvatarRojo Price

    Love love love the staff here.They are the most caring and sweet people ever. Dr Mix is fantastic. He’s fixed my back am I am better than new. Will continue to seek treatment here forever. - 9/17/2020 

    Taylor Conner AvatarTaylor Conner

    I started seeing Dr. Mix at 32 weeks pregnant and I am now almost to my due date, so happy with his care and his sweet staff! Always super nice and the adjustments through out my pregnancy have made a major difference in this third trimester! I will be a long time client and plan to bring my newborn for care once she gets here. I would recommend everyone come here and see Dr. Mix for their health and well being! - 9/17/2020 

    Lesley Rogers Childs AvatarLesley Rogers Childs

    I have seen Dr. Mix for about a year now and he is amazing! My neck pain has significantly improved because of him. His staff is also very welcoming and accommodating. - 9/17/2020 

    Melissa AvatarMelissa

    Dr. Mix and his staff are always professional and caring. He has helped me with my back, ankle, and migraines. I highly recommend him! - 9/17/2020 

    John Campbell AvatarJohn Campbell

    Discover Chiropractic has the most qualified and professional staff. They have a very friendly atmosphere. They also have all the necessary equipment to fix any issue someone might have. I enjoy every minute of my visits and I count the hours/days till I’m able to go back. - 9/17/2020 

    Jaquerian Savannah Moon Horton AvatarJaquerian Savannah Moon Horton

    I adore my Chiropractor! Dr. Mix and his staff treat me wonderfully and with care. They are genuinely concerned with making sure I feel comfortable and that I get to feeling better. I am so happy with my results. I went from a pain level 9 to a 2 on the first visit!!!! When every other doctor recommended surgery, Dr. Mix identified my issue and started correcting it. I highly recommend Discover Chiropractic. - 9/16/2020 

    Linda Witt AvatarLinda Witt

    This is my first visit to a chiropractor. Really like Dr. Mix, and staff, and the info he gave me. Look forward to next appt - 9/16/2020 

    Stacy Beard AvatarStacy Beard

    Dr. Mix is a great doctor who not only helps his patients but cares about them too. I’ve been a patient for about 10 years and I highly recommend Discover Chiropractic. - 9/16/2020 

    Kristy Stoddard AvatarKristy Stoddard

    Very professional! Love Dr. Mix, he’s amazing! Staff is amazing!! Love Yvonne and Elvis!!! - 9/16/2020 

    Kay H. AvatarKay H.

    5 star rating
    The staff is very friendly and Dr Mix totally understood what my problem was and how to fix it. I have only been coming a little more than a week and already the pain I was experiencing is much better. - 9/16/2020 

    Mindy Shepard AvatarMindy Shepard

    Dr. Mix is a very knowledgeable and personable chiropractor. My children and I love him!! Our health and mobility continue to improve!! We will be patients for years to come. - 9/15/2020 

    Chelsea Holmes AvatarChelsea Holmes

    Started going to Dr. Mix at 14 weeks pregnant for sciatica pain. Has truly helped with all the pains of pregnancy. The staff is so nice and welcoming too! - 9/15/2020 

    Randy Ford AvatarRandy Ford

    Dr Mix and staff were instrumental in helping me survive my last 2 years at Honda manufacturing. My hips and knees were giving out and extremely painful after working on the assembly line 10-12 hours a day. His treatments had me feeling great after each visit. I could not have made retirement without his treatments! - 9/15/2020 

    Casey Renda AvatarCasey Renda

    Staff is super welcoming, friendly, and helpful. Everyone is always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. They are also very efficient in getting you through your appointment without feeling like you’ve been rushed in and out of the office. Highly recommend. - 9/15/2020 

    Jamie Gargus AvatarJamie Gargus

    I have had such wonderful improvements in my neck and back pain! I couldn’t be happier with my physical results with the added bonus of being treated and encouraged by such a caring team of professionals. - 9/15/2020 

    Nell Perry AvatarNell Perry

    I love Dr. Mix and all the staffs and I feel much better before leaving his office. - 9/15/2020 

    Amy Waller AvatarAmy Waller

    Dr. Mix and all his staff are awesome and very professional. I have been coming for several years! I have suffered many injuries through the years and he has helped me so much. He has been wonderful to my family. I recommend him to anyone who needs help with pain. - 9/15/2020 

    Larry Greene AvatarLarry Greene

    Dr Mix and staff are some caring people who care deeply about not only your health and healing but about you as a person I've been going to them since about 2006 and i can truly say he not only does a fantastic job in adjustment of my body but explains in detail,thank you Dr Mix and staff for being here for us. - 9/14/2020 

    Pam Kemp AvatarPam Kemp

    yes . Suffered lower back pain and left arm pain for months. Dr Mix is determined to fix these and this morning pain free. Thank you so much. i will keep up my visits for treatments. - 7/25/2020 

    Melissa Knee AvatarMelissa Knee

    Dr. Nix is super great! Very easy to talk to, simplifies your problems and gives a great plan for recovery! Highly recommend! - 5/14/2020 

    Jillian Savage Helton AvatarJillian Savage Helton

    Dr.Mix and his team are the best. I have been visiting him for adjustments for several years, however I starting going more regularly due to lower back pain. I woke up today for the first time in 3 months with no pain. I cannot explain how much better I feel. Thank you, Dr. Mix and staff, I appreciate you so much. - 4/21/2020 

    Wendell Flynn AvatarWendell Flynn

    Tremendous Staff and Care we have been going regularly for a year now and have changed our health and lives to the Better!! - 3/23/2020 

    Alesha Greatexpectations Lindsey AvatarAlesha Greatexpectations Lindsey

    I love them. Dr. Mix and the staff are wonderful. - 2/06/2020 

    Timothy Vest AvatarTimothy Vest

    Very professional, fantastic service, exceptional Doctor. Would recommend! - 1/14/2020 

    Kayla Darnell AvatarKayla Darnell

    I love Dr. Mix and staff! I'm so glad I made that first appointment ❤ - 9/06/2019 

    Emily Wells AvatarEmily Wells

    I started seeing Dr. Mix in my 20th week of pregnancy for debilitating back pain. I was in tears almost every night and was not able to sit at my desk and work. Within just a few visits, I was feeling significantly better, and after a few weeks the pain was gone. I was able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy pain free. The location and staff are wonderful. - 8/26/2019 

    Renea N Ken Taylor AvatarRenea N Ken Taylor

    Big shout out to Dr. Mix and the staff! They are awesome! I have suffered with painful IBS symptoms and referred back pain. After the first adjustment my back pain was gone. I now fell better than I have in 18 months. I never dreamed I would feel good again. I can now eat foods without the fear of awful symptoms. I’m off of one medication and trying to get off another. I would highly recommend Discover Chiropractic to anyone! -Renea- - 8/22/2019 

    Jerie H. AvatarJerie H.

    5 star rating
    Great place in Trussville. My husband has been going there over a year now , and my daughter.
    They get you in and out fast , and are the nicest people ever.
    The price is great if you don't have Insurance. - 7/23/2019 

    Laura G. AvatarLaura G.

    5 star rating
    Dr mix is great!! He has helped me so much with back pain. He also worked on my back pain while
    I was pregnant. His office is super clean with friendly and knowledgeable staff. He knows his stuff. If you are looking for a good chiropractor office, look no further. - 7/19/2019 

    Delene Marsh Flynn AvatarDelene Marsh Flynn

    Great people! We love going to Dr Craig Mix! - 6/30/2019 

    Kristin Bryan AvatarKristin Bryan

    I just love Dr. Mix and his staff. They are all so warm, caring, and family oriented. - 6/30/2019 

    Julie Brand Marshall AvatarJulie Brand Marshall

    Dr. Mix is such a great doctor! My 8 yr old son was having GI issues. We'd tried so many meds and nothing seemed to work. 3 adjustments so far and he's a different child. Back to his old self that we hadn't seen in awhile. Thank you, Dr. Craig Mix! - 2/20/2019 

    Kelly Evans Finch AvatarKelly Evans Finch

    We absolutely love going to Discover Chiropractor, I don’t hurt anymore and can wake up not in pain. I was raised that you don’t go to chiropractors, which was so wrong if you find the right one! I am so thankful we found Dr. Craig. - 2/15/2019 

    Bridget Hamilton AvatarBridget Hamilton

    Ruby (3) and Claire (2) absolutely LOVE Dr. Mix and his staff! The girls have felt completely comfortable in the office thanks to the caring, fun environment at Discover Chiropractic. Dr. Mix does a wonderful job connecting with young children which makes for a fuss-free adjustment and a happy momma! We highly recommend and trust Dr. Mix with both of our daughter’s chiropractic needs!
    As Claire says “I’m so Mix-cited!” 😆 - 2/14/2019 

    Adam Tidwell AvatarAdam Tidwell

    So far it has been perfect. Everyone is very kind and helpful there and I'm amazed at the difference it has made in my neck and lower back. I already feel 15 years younger! - 12/06/2018 

    Ashley Waring TCS AvatarAshley Waring TCS

    I love this place. The atmosphere, the staff, the equipment-- all awesome. So easy to get in and out quickly. And I always leave feeling good. - 10/22/2018 

    David S. AvatarDavid S.

    5 star rating
    Dr Mix was reccomended by my regular doctor after I was in a car wreck. Dr Mix is through and patient. They have a busy office so there is no goofing off. I was very pleased with how quickly Dr Mix had me feeling better and how comprehensive his service is. I thought for sure I would need a physical therapist also but now I dont think that will be needed. - 9/28/2018 

    Angie's List User AvatarAngie's List User

    Everything was done well and professionally. Courteous and knowledgeable staff. - 6/01/2017 

    Angie's List User AvatarAngie's List User

    It went well with no problems. - 2/21/2015 

    Angie's List User AvatarAngie's List User

    Today, I can completely raise my arm above my head and can now work in my garden without being locked in pain. I can sleep comfortably most nights . It has completely changed my life for the better including my over all health. He always listens carefully to my needs. Every time I mention an issue that I am concerned about, he knows a way to give me relief. I feel like I am in partnership with Dr. Mix to improve my health. He has one the best bedside manners of any doctor I have ever met, as well as, a very pleasant office staff. He is extremely prompt with appointments as well, so there is very little waiting. If you have ever thought of going to the chiropractor don't hesitate to give Dr. Mix a chance to help you. - 6/19/2014 

    Angie's List User AvatarAngie's List User

    We are extremely pleased with the treatment and care he has received. They are very friendly and work hard to be accommodating with scheduling, even on short notice. The treatment seems to be helping a lot with his back pain. He continues to see them several times a month. - 1/04/2013 

    Angie's List User AvatarAngie's List User

    We are following the program and I am feeling much better. - 9/17/2012 

    Angie's List User AvatarAngie's List User

    Dr Mix went over all the test and XRay results. He asked that I give him a try because he knew that he could help me with my lower back pain. I did not want to use muscle relaxers or pain pills so I decided to give it a try!I have only been going for a little over a week but can already tell that what he is doing is helping.He is so nice and has a great bedside manner. The assistants, Janice and Yvonne are so sweet and everyone seems to really care about your well being. They do not want you in pain! - 10/13/2011