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  • Pam Kemp Avatar
    Pam Kemp
    7/25/2020 - Facebook

    yes . Suffered lower back pain and left arm pain for months. Dr Mix is determined to fix these and this morning pain free. Thank you so much. i will keep up my visits for treatments.

    Melissa Knee Avatar
    Melissa Knee
    5/14/2020 - Google

    Dr. Nix is super great! Very easy to talk to, simplifies your problems and gives a great plan for recovery! Highly recommend!

    Jillian Savage Helton Avatar
    Jillian Savage Helton
    4/21/2020 - Facebook

    Dr.Mix and his team are the best. I have been visiting him for adjustments for several years, however I starting going more regularly due to lower back pain. I woke up today for the first time in 3 months with no pain. I cannot explain how much better I feel. Thank you, Dr. Mix and staff, I appreciate you so much.

    Wendell Flynn Avatar
    Wendell Flynn
    3/23/2020 - Facebook

    Tremendous Staff and Care we have been going regularly for a year now and have changed our health and lives to the Better!!

    Alesha Greatexpectations Lindsey Avatar
    Alesha Greatexpectations Lindsey
    2/06/2020 - Facebook

    I love them. Dr. Mix and the staff are wonderful.

    Timothy Vest Avatar
    Timothy Vest
    1/14/2020 - Google

    Very professional, fantastic service, exceptional Doctor. Would recommend!

    Ann Rayburn Avatar
    Ann Rayburn
    10/01/2019 - Google

    Dr Mix and his staff are friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. I've been a client for years.

    Kayla Darnell Avatar
    Kayla Darnell
    9/06/2019 - Facebook

    I love Dr. Mix and staff! I'm so glad I made that first appointment ❤

    Emily Wells Avatar
    Emily Wells
    8/26/2019 - Google

    I started seeing Dr. Mix in my 20th week of pregnancy for debilitating back pain. I was in tears almost every night and was not able to sit at my desk and work. Within just a few visits, I was feeling significantly better, and after a few weeks the pain was gone. I was able to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy pain free. The location and staff are wonderful.

    Renea N Ken Taylor Avatar
    Renea N Ken Taylor
    8/22/2019 - Facebook

    Big shout out to Dr. Mix and the staff! They are awesome! I have suffered with painful IBS symptoms and referred back pain. After the first adjustment my back pain was gone. I now fell better than I have in 18 months. I never dreamed I would feel good again. I can now eat foods without the fear of awful symptoms. I’m off of one medication and trying to get off another. I would highly recommend Discover Chiropractic to anyone! -Renea-

    Terry Billingsley Avatar
    Terry Billingsley
    8/04/2019 - Google

    Dr. Craig is great guy, very conscientious & strives to truly take care of ur problems.

    Jerie H. Avatar
    Jerie H.
    5 star rating
    7/23/2019 - Yelp

    Great place in Trussville. My husband has been going there over a year now , and my daughter. They get you in and out fast , and are the nicest people ever. The price is great if you don't have Insurance.

    Laura G. Avatar
    Laura G.
    5 star rating
    7/19/2019 - Yelp

    Dr mix is great!! He has helped me so much with back pain. He also worked on my back pain whileI was pregnant. His office is super clean with friendly and knowledgeable staff. He knows his stuff. If you are looking for a good chiropractor office, look no further.

    Delene Marsh Flynn Avatar
    Delene Marsh Flynn
    6/30/2019 - Facebook

    Great people! We love going to Dr Craig Mix!

    Kristin Bryan Avatar
    Kristin Bryan
    6/30/2019 - Google

    I just love Dr. Mix and his staff. They are all so warm, caring, and family oriented.

    Julie Brand Marshall Avatar
    Julie Brand Marshall
    2/20/2019 - Facebook

    Dr. Mix is such a great doctor! My 8 yr old son was having GI issues. We'd tried so many meds and nothing seemed to work. 3 adjustments so far and he's a different child. Back to his old self that we hadn't seen in awhile. Thank you, Dr. Craig Mix!

    Kelly Evans Finch Avatar
    Kelly Evans Finch
    2/15/2019 - Facebook

    We absolutely love going to Discover Chiropractor, I don’t hurt anymore and can wake up not in pain. I was raised that you don’t go to chiropractors, which was so wrong if you find the right one! I am so thankful we found Dr. Craig.

    Bridget Hamilton Avatar
    Bridget Hamilton
    2/14/2019 - Facebook

    Ruby (3) and Claire (2) absolutely LOVE Dr. Mix and his staff! The girls have felt completely comfortable in the office thanks to the caring, fun environment at Discover Chiropractic. Dr. Mix does a wonderful job connecting with young children which makes for a fuss-free adjustment and a happy momma! We highly recommend and trust Dr. Mix with both of our daughter’s chiropractic needs!
    As Claire says “I’m so Mix-cited!” 😆

    Janie Kersh Hill Avatar
    Janie Kersh Hill
    2/13/2019 - Facebook

    After months of looking since I moved to Trussville I’ve found a chiropractic home. Great staff and wonderful Chiropractor that’s knows his stuff.
    I can recommend this practice to anyone and I’ve had chiropractic care for 7 years.

    Beverly Christopher Whiteside Avatar
    Beverly Christopher Whiteside
    2/12/2019 - Facebook

    Dr. Mix and his staff are awesome. They make you feel right at home like you’ve known them all your life. I was in so much pain when I went to Dr. Mix. I knew that surgery was the next step for me but after a few adjustments I am pain free. I feel better than I’ve felt in years. Thank you Dr. Mix !!!❤️

    Michelle Dumas Flaherty Avatar
    Michelle Dumas Flaherty
    2/12/2019 - Facebook

    Dr. Mix and his whole staff are super nice and really do care. Dr. Mix was actually able to fix issues in my shoulders and neck that other Chiropractors could not. I had given up on ever feeling normal again. But after he adjusted me a couple times, I couldn't believe that even the knots in my neck were gone! I would absolutely, highly recommend Discovery Chiropractic!

    Jeff Riggs Avatar
    Jeff Riggs
    2/12/2019 - Facebook

    Awesome job.. He has straightened me out a few times. I have been to several chiropractor and have stopped looking..

    Will Nicole Stoddard Avatar
    Will Nicole Stoddard
    12/18/2018 - Facebook

    Dr Mix and his staff are amazing. They always make you feel like family when you call and visit. Dr Mix does a wonderful job and I would highly recommend him and his practice for all of your chiropractic needs.

    Adam Tidwell Avatar
    Adam Tidwell
    12/06/2018 - Google

    So far it has been perfect. Everyone is very kind and helpful there and I'm amazed at the difference it has made in my neck and lower back. I already feel 15 years younger!

    Betty Hall Avatar
    Betty Hall
    11/29/2018 - Facebook

    Not only is Dr Mix fantastic, but he has the best people working for him also. I have had back issues for years and have moved several times so I have seen a lot of different chiropractors. I feel totally blessed to have been led to Dr Mix. Not only has he helped me in so many ways but he had some of the finest working with him.
    I feel truly blessed. I would be writing a short story if I told you all. So just trust me when I say Discover Chiropractic is the place to go

    Jay Kelley Avatar
    Jay Kelley
    11/20/2018 - Facebook

    Dr. Mix and his friendly staff are the best! They do great work and I feel amazing after I visit. Now Ms. Wade is providing massage therapy and she is amazing too. This is your one stop, feel like a million bucks office Trussville!

    Chris Carson Avatar
    Chris Carson
    11/10/2018 - Facebook

    I have been seeing Dr. Mix for a month and can move better than I have in years. An added benefit has been with my neck aligned my singing has improved. I have had vocal constriction for years and it is gone. I’m amazed and so thankful.

    Pegg Heav Smith Avatar
    Pegg Heav Smith
    10/30/2018 - Facebook

    I just love Dr.Mix and the staff. I don't know where I would be without Dr.Mix. A patient for 11yrs. Plus. My husband started going again.Thank God.
    Dr.Mix is a Blessing , Angel on Earth.

    Sarah Wallenstein Avatar
    Sarah Wallenstein
    10/30/2018 - Facebook

    I had been suffering from a migraine headache for 3 days. I knew I had twisted it. I went in to Discover Chiropractic, and was met with such compassion for my care from the team. Dr. Mix has an equally as obvious passion for the miracles he manages. From my personal results, I learned that my neck was pinching a nerve. He advised that I’d be feeling some level of relief in a couple of visits.
    But I felt 100% relief by the NEXT day! I could not believe it. I am a mother to two toddlers, and waking up without a migraine for the day was enough to bring on tears of joy. Plus, I feel more energetic! I had tried other chiropractors before with okay results, but I am now a believer. The spine is our life line. Any one who moves can benefit from a great chiropractor!

    Katy King Avatar
    Katy King
    10/25/2018 - Facebook

    I have been seeing Dr. Mix at discover chiropractic since I was 26 weeks pregnant. I had never seen a chiropractor before, but I knew I had to do something about my lower back pain that was developing from carrying this baby. My sister in law recommended going to a chiropractor. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and I can honestly say I have zero issues with back pain. I wish I had started seeing him sooner! Chiropractic care is getting me through this 3rd trimester!!! Dr. Mix is the real deal. 10 out of 10. Go see him!

    David S. Avatar
    David S.
    5 star rating
    9/28/2018 - Yelp

    Dr Mix was reccomended by my regular doctor after I was in a car wreck. Dr Mix is through and patient. They have a busy office so there is no goofing off. I was very pleased with how quickly Dr Mix had me feeling better and how comprehensive his service is. I thought for sure I would need a physical therapist also but now I dont think that will be needed.

    Thomas Wells Avatar
    Thomas Wells
    9/27/2018 - Facebook

    Very professional and relaxing experience. The staff is incredible and the doctor is extremely helpful and caring. I will be going here for a long time. I highly recommend this place

    Joanna Garcia Avatar
    Joanna Garcia
    9/13/2018 - Facebook

    I have a personal belief in proactive healthcare which led me to make my first chiropractic appointment with Dr. Mix. I also have heard wonderful things about him within the community. I’m so glad I made that first call.
    My first appointment day I was greeted by the absolute sweetest ladies at the front desk who were so kind and helpful. Yvonne, who I believe is an Angel ran several diagnostic scans and radiographs and Dr Mix immediately identified the reasons for my neck and back pain. They both took their time explaining everything to me and coming up with a treatment plan to best suit my needs. I was surprised at the relief I got after my first adjustment and therapy as well as how affordable it is. I’m trusting in the process and doing everything Dr Mix and Yvonne recommend. I’m so grateful to have found people I can clearly see genuinely care about their patients and helping them to live pain free. This is such a healthier alternative to going to a md and possibly being put on steroids and pain management that only cover the symptoms in my opinion. I highly recommend Discover Chiropractic. Great staff and a very cozy comfortable atmosphere without walls and feeling closed in. I love it!
    Update- After my first 2 weeks of seeing Dr Mix I have noticed a significant reduction in pain by about 90% I went into this hopeful and completely committed to the process. I admit I was slightly skeptical but tried to remain open minded thinking what do I have to lose? I’m now a firm believer in chiropractic care and especially Dr. Mix and Yvonne.

    Tony Allison Avatar
    Tony Allison
    8/03/2018 - Facebook

    Only place I'll go to get right after I did my body wrong

    Amy Waller Avatar
    Amy Waller
    4/27/2018 - Facebook

    Discover chiropractic has made such an impact on my quality of life. I have suffered from fibromyalgia and pain from some trauma to my body for many years, Dr. Mix has made it so I am able to function through life. He as also helped my family in many ways. The staff is awesome, friendly and very professional...I won't go anywhere else🙄 thank you!!

    Chad J Hutchens Avatar
    Chad J Hutchens
    4/25/2018 - Facebook

    Dr. Mix is the best in the business. He and his office are willing to help any patient at any time with anything. He will create a plan for you that will ensure you reach your pain or health goals. You can't find a better Chiropractor anywhere.

    Tori Applegate Avatar
    Tori Applegate
    4/21/2018 - Facebook

    I absolutely love discover chiropractic. I walked into their doors and was living with pain and headaches daily. I’ve been going to them for about 2 months and I never have headaches anymore and my back is so much better. The staff is so friendly they are absolutely like family. They always know me by name and want to learn more because they truly care.

    Garrett Emily Whipple Avatar
    Garrett Emily Whipple
    4/18/2018 - Facebook

    I just recently started seeing Dr. Mix. I have been very impressed by both him and his staff. Dr. Mix is very thorough in diagnosing your problems before doing any adjusting. I’ve only been adjusted twice so far but can already tell pain relief in my shoulder and hip. If I’m feeling this good after just 2 sessions, I cannot wait to see how i feel in 6 weeks! I highly recommend Dr. Mix if you are looking for an amazing chiropractor.
    -Emily Whipple

    Timbo Slice Avatar
    Timbo Slice
    3/31/2018 - Facebook

    My wife and I discovered Discover a couple weeks ago. We made a appointment with them soon afterwards. Everyone there has been wonderful and very helpful. After going to multiple chiropractors in the area I can say so far Dr. Mix has been the best at listening to your problems and getting you on the right path to recovery. Highly recommend them .

    Sam S. Avatar
    Sam S.
    2 star rating
    3/03/2018 - Yelp

    Dr. Mix, Thank you for your response. I am sure that insurance only pays for one visit. I was not questioning that. My issue is that no other medical professional in any area of medicine tells their patients this. It's like going to the dentist with a tooth ache, the dentist looks and says "Yep, I can see you have an infection and I'm sure it's hurting, but just tough it out, come back tomorrow and I'll help you then." That simply doesn't happen. Not in dentistry, not at a general practitioner, ENT, or any other chiropractor. When you visit a Doctor, you are there to have your symptoms relieved, not told to wait another day so that the doctor can bill insurance a 2nd time. You are correct that you did adjust me that day, but only after I stood my ground about requesting it AND paid extra money. Im sure that Insurance may "prefer" to pay the lesser amount but my plan is my plan. Just like anybody else I have a copay, a deductible, etc. I have since visited another chiropractor and they did the exam and adjustment In the same day. After asking multiple family members about their experiences with chiropractors In other cities, all have had exam and adjustment in the same day. I wish you and your family the best.

    Valarie Baker Avatar
    Valarie Baker
    10/12/2017 - Facebook

    I vote higher than a 5 star for Dr Mix just for his bedside manner.
    He care about his patients!

    Laura Thornton Avatar
    Laura Thornton
    10/09/2017 - Facebook

    I have received great treatment from Dr. Mix for years. He has really helped with the pain and tension I carry in my neck. Recently, I had an earache along with dizziness that lasted over two weeks. Medication I was taking just was not working. After he adjusted my neck and spine, I had improvement and the symptoms were gone within two days. Last week, I went in for a crick in my neck and he took care of that too. He and his staff are friendly and professional.

    Emma Grace Avatar
    Emma Grace
    8/25/2017 - Facebook

    They do a great job! And I always feel welcome and greeted quickly, and get adjusted within minutes of my appointment!
    Highly recommend Dr. Craig:)

    Angie's List User Avatar
    Angie's List User
    6/01/2017 - AngiesList

    Everything was done well and professionally. Courteous and knowledgeable staff.

    Patricia Hill Canning Avatar
    Patricia Hill Canning
    4/26/2017 - Facebook

    Great staff and doctor!
    Dr. Mix is very compassionate and understanding and he will work with your situation.

    Heather Hyde Avatar
    Heather Hyde
    4/21/2017 - Facebook

    I would highly recommend Dr. Mix. I am a nurse which requires heavy lifting some days that places a bad strain on my back. Routine adjustments relieve any of this discomfort and allows me to function at my best. I was also training for a half marathon and started to have numbness in my foot, after a couple of adjustments from Dr. Mix the numbness was gone and I was able to continue my training and complete the race. The staff are always so friendly and welcoming creating a pleasant and calming environment!

    Donald Taylor Avatar
    Donald Taylor
    4/20/2017 - Facebook

    I have been a regular patient for 5 yrs and the benefits are amazing. My overall health and well being is better I feel because of regular adjustments.I rarely have a cold or any other ailment and even have more energy. I can't say enough about Dr Mix and Yvonne and the staff. If you want to feel better or improve your overall heath I recommend Discover Chiropractic.

    Natalie Vaughan Adkinson Avatar
    Natalie Vaughan Adkinson
    4/18/2017 - Facebook

    I can't say enough good things about Discover Chiropractic! Dr Mix and his staff work hard to make every visit positive and helpful. The staff knows you by name! Each appointment is tailored specifically for your current needs. There are also traction tables and muscle stimulation tables with massage rollers. These extra options really make a difference when you combine them with Dr Mix's adjustments. I highly recommend Discover Chiropractic!!

    Denise Sharbel Echols Avatar
    Denise Sharbel Echols
    4/16/2017 - Facebook

    Dr Mix is an Awesome Chiropractor! I've had back & neck pain for 25+ years, and since I've been going to Discover Chiropractic (Dr Mix) for several years and my pain has decreased A lot! If you haven't tried chiropractic work come see him and you will be amazed! They make you feel at home and comfortable from the time you walk in, get your adjustments from Dr Mix, then see Yvonne for continued treatment. Call for your appointment ASAP �
    Denise Echols

    Cindy Stieg Avatar
    Cindy Stieg
    4/14/2017 - Facebook

    Randy & I both see Dr. Mix for our adjustments. It's such a friendly atmosphere & the adjustments make you feel so much better. We love Dr. Craig & his sweet wife, Renay, who also has her permanent makeup studio there also.

    Paula Hyde Avatar
    Paula Hyde
    4/07/2017 - Facebook

    Discover Chiropractic/Dr. Mix has made a tremendous difference in my life. I have had numerous Doctor visits, pain blocks and medications with no long term pain relief. I thought a Chiropractor would just make my back "issues" worse and was afraid to make an appointment. After a recommendation from my daughter I made an appointment with Dr Mix and experienced some pain relief from first visit. I now visit on a regular weekly schedule and my life has radically changed. Thank you Dr Mix and wonderful office staff! You are family!!!

    Amanda Hyde Avatar
    Amanda Hyde
    4/06/2017 - Facebook

    Dr. Mix and his staff are wonderful! They helped me recover from a back and neck injury sustained from a car accident. Don't know what I would do without them!

    Randall S. Whisenant Avatar
    Randall S. Whisenant
    3/31/2017 - Facebook

    Dr. Craig Mix and his staff are always excellent! Couldn't ask for a friendlier staff!

    Craig Mix Avatar
    Craig Mix
    3/31/2017 - Facebook

    The staff is caring. Truly caring. The patients and their experience is amazing. Truly amazing. I couldn't imagine a better office to be in and serve our community. Sincerely, Dr. Craig Mix D.C.

    Tara Burgos Martin Avatar
    Tara Burgos Martin
    1/13/2017 - Facebook

    Awesome place!! You are made to feel like family and the atmosphere is cozy. The staff and Dr. Mix are first class!

    Chris Stevens Avatar
    Chris Stevens
    12/26/2016 - Facebook

    Absolutely love them friendly and helpful staff dr mix is great highly recommend them

    Laura Watson Owen Avatar
    Laura Watson Owen
    8/12/2016 - Facebook

    I had a wonderful experience with the Massage Therapist, Peter. Very professional and compassionate. I arrived not able to turn my neck due to shoulder pain and am pain-free today. I will be going back for sure. Highly recommend this service at this business.

    Denise Kozlevchar Landry Avatar
    Denise Kozlevchar Landry
    6/22/2016 - Facebook

    It's been a great experience! Everyone there is so sweet and make u feel like family. Dr Mix is awesome!! Explains everything and very patient with any questions or concerns. We love it

    Jennifer A. Fletcher Avatar
    Jennifer A. Fletcher
    5/03/2016 - Facebook

    Discover Chiropractic is my favorite place to visit. Dr. Mix along with his amazing staff are always so pleasant! Warm and welcoming environment! I ALWAYS leave feeling super relaxed and rejuvenated! Patient for life!

    Molly Riggs Avatar
    Molly Riggs
    3/05/2016 - Facebook

    We love Dr.Mix! He is very personable and takes time to answer questions. He always greets you with a smile and kind words. My kids enjoy getting their adjustments and the new playroom! This is my first experience with chiropractic care and it has been a wonderful experience. I have been trying to convince my friends that they need to go see Dr.Mix also. Yvonne and Lola are super nice as well and always do a great job of welcoming us to each visit.

    Diane Melton Avatar
    Diane Melton
    12/01/2015 - Facebook

    Dr. Mix is very good chiropractor...he's kind, funny, and a joy to be around. He has helped me so much, in just a few visits. If you have been considering seeing a chiropractor, I highly recommend him. Nice office, and very sweet staff.

    Catherine Castellano Lorren Avatar
    Catherine Castellano Lorren
    10/20/2015 - Facebook

    I love the results I've been seeing from my visits. Dr.Craig Mix is wonderful and he cares about each and every single patient that comes into his office! The whole staff is great and I look forward to every visit!

    Jaci Pace Bosanec Avatar
    Jaci Pace Bosanec
    5/19/2015 - Facebook

    I feel almost embarrassed to admit that it was quite by accident that I stumbled upon Dr. Mix at Discover Chiropractic. I had injured my neck and upper back from falling asleep in an awkward position while feeding my infant son. I suffered through the excruciating pain over the weekend and woke up on Monday desperate to find an office at which I could get some help and relief.

    I knew nothing at all about chiropractors in the Trussville area other than one specific office that I had seen a couple of friends "like" on Facebook. I googled that office with the intent to call, and then dialed what I thought was the number. A friendly voice answered and when I asked to confirm who I was calling, I was informed that I had reached a different chiropractic office. Desperate to get in somewhere as soon as possible, I inquired about where this office was located since I preferred to stay within the Trussville area if possible. Dr. Mix asked me what was going on as far as pain, and before I knew it, I had an appointment scheduled for that very morning, much to my delight.

    Not having anywhere to leave my infant son on such short notice with my appointment, I took him with me and prayed that he would stay content and happy. I must say that I was extremely impressed with the office staff, environment, the thoroughness of the care I received, and with Dr. Mix himself. He is extremely friendly and has a wonderful bedside manner that puts you at ease right away from the moment you finish with your new patient paperwork. Ms. Yvonne was so wonderful in holding my infant son during my adjustment so that he wouldn't fuss while waiting for my husband to arrive and help with him. Not once was I made to feel like I was causing a disturbance with my son being there. I left feeling better than I had when I walked in, and I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mix to anyone in need of chiropractic care. Wonderful, knowledgeable, family-friendly, clean office facility, and caring staff!! I truly believe that it was a "divinely appointed" accident that led me to "discover" Dr. Mix at Discover Chiropractic and I'm glad I did!!

    Angie's List User Avatar
    Angie's List User
    6/19/2014 - AngiesList

    Today, I can completely raise my arm above my head and can now work in my garden without being locked in pain. I can sleep comfortably most nights . It has completely changed my life for the better including my over all health. He always listens carefully to my needs. Every time I mention an issue that I am concerned about, he knows a way to give me relief. I feel like I am in partnership with Dr. Mix to improve my health. He has one the best bedside manners of any doctor I have ever met, as well as, a very pleasant office staff. He is extremely prompt with appointments as well, so there is very little waiting. If you have ever thought of going to the chiropractor don't hesitate to give Dr. Mix a chance to help you.

    Angie's List User Avatar
    Angie's List User
    1/04/2013 - AngiesList

    We are extremely pleased with the treatment and care he has received. They are very friendly and work hard to be accommodating with scheduling, even on short notice. The treatment seems to be helping a lot with his back pain. He continues to see them several times a month.

    Angie's List User Avatar
    Angie's List User
    9/17/2012 - AngiesList

    We are following the program and I am feeling much better.

    Angie's List User Avatar
    Angie's List User
    10/13/2011 - AngiesList

    Dr Mix went over all the test and XRay results. He asked that I give him a try because he knew that he could help me with my lower back pain. I did not want to use muscle relaxers or pain pills so I decided to give it a try!I have only been going for a little over a week but can already tell that what he is doing is helping.He is so nice and has a great bedside manner. The assistants, Janice and Yvonne are so sweet and everyone seems to really care about your well being. They do not want you in pain!

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